A gadget freak and a go-kart enthusiast finally making his personal site.  Currently a returning student and majoring in Computer science.  I do have some knowledge of graphic design and do love to draw when I have time.  Used to work in mortgage companies till it failed miserably in mid 2000’s. I will thank that type of occupation as it allowed me to get my fantastic MINI Cooper S.

Your average nerd who would like to share his opinions, creations, and photos through this site.  I would love to be a geek someday but for now I’m working my way there and call myself a nerd.

A recovering Facebook games addict, I now use my time reading and learning more about programming languages in hopes to make my own games or even amazing software with wonderful user interface.

Though I am not into current events, I do love reading my RSS feeds daily and are about tech news, entertainment such as games and movies, and my vices: Fail Blog, lolcats, and “Cake Wreks”.  Anything I really find that’s truly worth sharing from there will most likely appear here.

I can honestly say I only know two languages: English and Tagalog. I did study French and Japanese but with no chance to practice it.  I do hope to relearn them and find a friend to practice it.

Well I’ll be updating this section as this blog develops and hopefully matures.  Let’s hope I make it interesting for us all and entertaining.

Enjoy yourself and “allons-y!”

•Go-kart racing
•Reading programming books and car magazines


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